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pre-,meso-,and post-scapulae. The meso-scapula is also often
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This system is formed of a great number of small vessels distributed
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fatty, or tubercular : the latter are by far the most
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and the patients were brought to the Police Office, in which a room was
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A Practical Treatise ,on the Diseases of the Eye. By liaynes Walton,
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cephalns, paralysis, &c., and have ultimately re-
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seizes upon it with avidity, in order to convert it
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united with calomel, will be found useful ; — some-
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turned, continued thirty-six hours ; and the patient
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and the two inferior thyroideal arteries, the swell-
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in order to burst the spell about to be cast around
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particularly of the slightly sonorous inspirations, with the
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ance of certain of the healthy functions, although,
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malar bone. The bright colour gradually faded, and in about
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It is interesting to observe the blunted sensibili-
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^■" appeared early in the morning a number of mountain-
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Souza, and Dr. Jose Antonio de Alvan Fialho. After some
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siderable time, its red, chopped, and scaly surface
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sudden susptMision of the breathing resembled the symptom
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provided with substitutes, as, from particular idio-
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yet this fact only proves that the discharge is con-
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all expectation, became perfectly well, and for years after-
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a period of three years and five months. Mr Lane, of St
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below, and of the scenes that develop in the rapid climb are
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tion obstructed, and deglutition extremely impeded.
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It is now upwards of twenty years since tlie undersigned agreed to
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dermically, repeated in half the dose in an hour or a half hour, if neces-
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(2) Was not the subcutaneous injection used with needless frequency and
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ing the most active purgatives, galvanism succeeded
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is not in solution, but in the form of a fine precipitate, the
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This author has felt called upon to return to the question of