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or nervous irritation in the substance of the brain

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roads. Perhaps one-third or one-half of the young horses coming into

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IV. The determination of the weight of the organs of the

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taining tumours, known as " dentigerous cysts," occurring in

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loosed, and circulation re-established, a white thrombus was

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Congenital Malformation, in which no duct is formed It may be

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venous engorgement of the head and neck, with a day or two previouslj-, and is the first indication

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the femur, and if there is no disease of the bone or at the attachment of

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use sulphate of iron, one, two or three drachms once or twice a day,

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able performances; and an Essay on the Ass and the Mule. By J. S. Skinner, Assist-

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give ergot of rye in two drachm doses ; bromide of potassium in two or

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absorption and secretion are going on. When more is secreted than is

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certain ribs in scrofulous individuals. The ablation of the carious bono

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contraction which astringents produce in the fibres

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and often a fatal mistake. By such delay nothing is

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and tlir iinig, as far as could be ascertained, had also escaped.

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Dean of the Medical Corps, a distinguished ophthalmologist

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and years. Let us look to our laurels! Remember that they

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is also to be strictly attended to. If pain for in-

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the genjral circulation is carried on very feebly ;

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takes place, and it is better in some cases to remove the tissue

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full size till after several days' growth. The integument

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were well injected Avitli 1 to 40 watery solution of carbolic

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mixture as long as one may dare to continue its application."

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the necessity of a greater portion of fluid than of

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is the principal structure of this institution, the experimental

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result, and it is likely to afl'ect the eyeball, followed by slight inflamma-

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