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some of the charming and cultured people of the Ecuadorean
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trol the paroxysms, unless pushed to distinct narcotism ; and
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nation), who showed no sign until the morning of the 5th
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diaphragm, liver, and spleen also presented small whitish-yellow
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the other sub-acid fruits that have been applied to
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luncheon was given in honor of the members of the American
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of urate of soda could be seen and felt in the helix and meatus.
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It matters little whether high tension declares itself to the touch,
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general rules to guide him, but the minute details of case-taking
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])erature, by I)r W. Winternitz, Vienna. II. The anatomy of
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in deep snow ; or, forcibly backing an animal with a heavy load.
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Is the closing of the capillary arteries, it may be
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but it soon disappears if from this cause, when the animal gets
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blood altogether within the skull, so as to give ad-
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tiic society informed of her address. She is liable to be dis-
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lysis, chorea, and various other diseases have been
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ment, we believe that the practice will generally be
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some of the branches being accompanied by white streaks. Veins dilated
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exaltation of mind and emotions, followed by abolition of the faculties, and
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ment, and even no verbal alteration, was made without just deliberation, they may
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studying this disease, is whether the epithelium lining the lung-
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up with the air by the alternate and quick eflTorts
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citement will, in the naturally irritable, confirm ill
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pose that it does exist, and is the property of coagulation. Other
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distension of the epigastrium ; the urine is clear.
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her pulse becoming imperceptible at the wrist towards evening;
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Wnat is lost in aphasia is, as Ilughlings Jackson so clearly
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patient under treatment. The chief merit of ^the apparatus is
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Keep quiet ; if the animal is kept at work there are changes that give rise
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ture the better ; but if there is serum and pus, then puncture. If you
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castor oil is preferable to the saline class of pur-
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'I'lie I'lat crihir, by Dr Rudolf Arndt, ({reifswald. XI. Etiology
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unexplained ways." Tiiis coincides, upon the whole, with our own
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sisted by medicine, for the production of a natural
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is more palpable in some cases than others. Anthracosis
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tubal. The affection has in these cases passed beyond the
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two as cause and effect, ^^'e drew the inference also that a most natural
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laid for structural diseases, which atlcct the coats,
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to the head it was usually much more profuse on the hairy
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lateral in about nine weeks ; the comer in about nine months, and
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during teething." None of the family had crowing fits.
In passive hemorrhages the animal fibre is relaxed,
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symmetrical the whole subject is, and what a parallelism
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odical discharge is supjdied closely resembles that
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doses) for two or three days. It has a greater tendency to become chronic
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new one to a fresh surface every five, six, or seven
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drunkai'd and the irresponsibilities of a madman, it is becoming
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cercbi'al effusion. It had never been suckled, and was badly fed.
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supposed to be becoming, to attend to her carriage,
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A Commentary on the British Pharmaoopoea. By Walter G. Smith, M.D.,
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on the most attentive listening; this crepitus gra-
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reader from the large amount of curious information collected in its pages; and to the MEDICAL
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itself to the general peritoneal covering of the in-
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case with which I am acquainted where the hallucinations
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conveyed an assurance of the general correctness of these views. The circulation
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