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fracture or luxation of the vertebrse of the neck to

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in which the animal progresses. When it terminates quickly in reso-

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and repeat in perhaps two or three weeks. It requires not only weeks,

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III. The Clavicle or Fuucula. — This is the most compli-

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irrational to assert that the remedy in question is

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bronchitis arises from vegetable matter diffused in

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race. He is intensely interested in cultural and educational

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Miller's adolescence. — His mother says that as he grew up,

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blanket, and attend to the general condition of the animal; give

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to a pension only after ten years continuous service. If the

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only of the subject treated, but also of the colhiteral branches, a

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cular and radiating. If the circular contracts, it contracts the pupil.

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had been supposed by the surgeon in attendance to bo an abscess ; under

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the numerous methods devised for the treatment of erectile

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these vibrations either in themselves or contiguous

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PHILLIPS ON SCROFULA. Scrofula, its Nature, its Prevalence, its Causes, and the

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case came into the post-mortem room ten days after the first.

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any difficulty exists, as is at times the case, whether

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Mrs B. loq. — " One fast-day ill- and Mrs Miller went with

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upon and affecting the nervous system, as colic and such affections.

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professions will virtually be opened to the female sex, and we may expect