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Like all inflammatory diseases, bronchitis requires

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given, portions only of the body, and not the head, are expelled. The re-

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"Insane" men are the handiwork of the Creator and Worker,

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the " E(]uitable Society," each occupying about the whole

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necessity for caution in forming your prognosis. It is in

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anterior part of the scalp wliere she had sustained the injury in .July.

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its natural caliber. The sphere of its pulsation is

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always believed that wlien albumen was coagulated it was dead. Yet, iu

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clicct of the usual causes of pain when they exist.

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^* me to the Faculty of Medicine. There we were met by

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I)y a little rhubarb, with soda or magnesia. The bowels will

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is free and moist : the deep hollow, such as is found in heaves, or

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witnesses, many of them Miller's intimate associates during

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Treatment. — It varies according to circumstances. If in a warm place,

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osseous ligaments, extending and involving the entire joint ; and it is

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tlest mode of applying it is the best, as with a soft;

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was at least nine inches long, five broad, and pro-

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are well known. In the present scries he takes up the

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XIII. Observations on the iirst phase of development of the

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of the wound together, and put a stitch through it, and it will heal very

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neighbouring tissue, leading to elongation of the villi, and in-

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on one part of the body one day and another part the next.

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kept in the same stable, or being kept in underground stables, or it may

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cleaning under the shoe, or you may take it off. An animal may be

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evil has resulted from such indulgence, but it must

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tinuing the investigation, I collected the secondary amputations,

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there exists a difference of oi)inion as to the class

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of the system ; for in two or three instances during

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a short time they are sent to the Convalescent Home, near

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vital actions existing in fever ; for in the present

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