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found to contain deposits — tubercular deposits. It usually attacks

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to recurrent changes in the activity of Vital Functions," by

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feeling of sleepiness in both upper and lower extremities for two

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From the Patliological Institute at Heidelberg, by Dr Kiittner

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extreme forms of the disease met with in practice. The first was a young man,

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powers of the bone tissues are also impaired, so that it cannot take

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the sons and daughters of our hosts, were interesting to study.

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cold fluid, after a temporary suspension, frequently

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peculiar affinity of the skin to a virus or morbific

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are, the more certain and powerful is their sudorific

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to afford the best chance of permanent relief, the hernia was

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consists in an increased amount of blood in the parts, and interferes with

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whereas exostosis consists of crusla-petrosa only. Eeferring

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