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stagnation of blood in the lungs then takes place ;

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excitability that is already present in the tissues.

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out injuring, in other respects, the secreting organs,

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Treatment is not successful, but there may be exceptional cases.

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nature of the affection, — that the irregularity of

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partly to the degree of cold, and partly to the sud-

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that the author's opinion respecting its similarity

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parts where you will have great difficulty in detecting it, for great

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il/r Beid said that such a discharge was possible though tlie intestine

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girl who speaks our language, is his assistant. Dr. Lutz is a

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The symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment are then brought under

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three cases (Solly's, Iluppert's, and Malinverni's), in the second

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An original mode of treatment is mentioned in a case

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furnish it : whilst the evaporation is less diminish-

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fits of temporary choking, coughs violently, staggers, and perhaps

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ascites connected with enlargement of the liver, in