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or scabs, and the whole disease, if not very exten-

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discharge continues, use sulphate of iron (one ounce daily in two or three

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hydrogen by the decomposition of arsenious acid in presence

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be plainly seen, especially if he is excited. Jerk him suddenly and he

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noon he was not aware whether the cerumen of the ear was alkaUne,

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pines and later in other Spanish-speaking countries. It was

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without beinj; able to dissolve it. The first e.xperiment

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Dr A. Wood Smith showed the thoracic viscera just removed from a

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should prevail which cannot be satisfactorily accounted fori

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the left ventricle, so the lungs receive directly the

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amputated in the new Hospital from tlie latter date to 31st

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Du Massage des Frictions et Manipulations appliques a la gucrisoii do

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or less, the same under every malady of that organ.

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ing diabetes insipidus. Apart from his researches on the mor-

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tion, but did not suffer any great amount of pain. Her body was greatly

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the same way as L. Dec.il2th. 31 decapitated. Cavity of

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cases which would get well without it. But there are cases in which the

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that life has fled for ever. Of all the acts of ani-

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gestive of the question — What are the curative measures ?

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greatly improved during the next two months, but on the 22nd of

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paralysis. Extremes of heat and cold have no doubt something to do \

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so. In their preparation for such travel, they have almost

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It was also fed by the drains of the surrounding arable land,

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involved the principle of ventilating the sewers at least on the house side.

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secondarily, just as it is in most instances of purulent, mor-

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Brain {IJeitler). — This is a series of experimental observations.

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take place. We also find false joints by the production of fibro-

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ed ; but in the one instance it is by a cause seated

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. School, pp. 58. London : Smith, Elder & Co. 1874.

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period been engaged. Peace, however, instead of dis-

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the skin continues natural, or nearly so ; frequent-

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Symptoms. — As long as you do not excite the animal he is always

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tioned that, in the articles Cholera, Colic, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Enteritis,