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so efficacious in relieving the affection in question,
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perform cataract extraction upon a patient whom I had never
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and the vocal cords, would be more frequently affected
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while old parts are carried away ; — when the rela-
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would condemn a telescoj)e or a microscope to be thrown aside
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heart the stronger the pulsation The pulse in the horse, as in other
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intestinal tube is rather irritated secondarily by its
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and in Germany. Remember that you are associating with a
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the body emaciated to a considerable extent. We are seldom called to
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ordination of the lateral halves of the brain, in consequence of
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imperfect growth of horn result, if the cause is kept up. There are
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fact, when the executioner is sufficiently expert in
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I peculiarly unfavourable, unless the patient's con-
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exposed to the atmosphere ; some think water dressings are the best,
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of discovering or discriminating the diseases of the
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kept up, and caries and necrosis are usual. The symptoms are very
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the surface — the greater will be the natural reso-
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De La Beche's new work on Geology, with numerous wood-cuts.
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tellectual exercise, although the cause has not un-
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nective tissue. In cases where the pigment was limited to
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The essayist did not attempt to deal mth the whole question of Inflam-
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treatment must be directed to tliis object. In young
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manence of the emulsion represents a certain amount of
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wounds, are seldom injured ; this innnunity they doubtless
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monly found successful in such instances, viz. local
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