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the dai'k coloured grumous fluid which escaped along with

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jaw, occurring in rachitic suhjectK ; and others exempli-

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air. Extremely dark stables may also produce periodic ophthalmia and

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* Alkalies are deterled in llio urine by testing it with

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toneum, or perhaps the intestines ; but you may meet with an apparently

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be often observed, especially in relapsing fever and pneu-

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of the apathy of the patient. If cold be used in the treatment

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son made special observations on this peculiar reaction, and a portion of

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illustrating and demonstrating each particular subject.

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the chest, of which so much was heard now-a-days, were the oii]irobriuni of

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; arisen from a difference of opinion as to the seat

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t De rinfliience des Agens Physiques sur la Vie. Part

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quate to healthy actions, or peculiarly afl'ected by

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des Organcs par la Percussion Mediate. Paris, 1830.

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vessel or part, give rise to the sound of fluctuation.

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lest the inflammation should extend to the trachea;

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effusion into the cellular tissue, or into any of the

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the violent symptoms, and it perhaps will be sixty, and if taken a few

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eruption, could liardiy be said to be ill at all. All the cases

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ride to Sugar Loaf, a conical-shaped mountain which

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pumps which were kept constantly in motion by the air. This of course

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ing ; it is 12 to ly per cent, in the chikl, and 2 to o-9 per

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vvhich the loss of three or four ounces of blood has

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lutely invaluable, comprising in a moderate space, and trifling cost, the

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of which constitutes life. Now death may occur in different ways, and

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scaly, and fimbriated. This, however, is less deci-

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where there are stately residences and hotels, were groups of

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* Hactcria floiiiish exuberantly in .'v uoliitioii of these Bixlts.

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sulphate of zinc, and a little acetate of lead might be added, but it is not

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the vermiform appendage (Plate I , Fig. 3). III. An abnormal

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this circumstance, coupled with certain clTects pro-

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of extreme prostration and debility succeed to high

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been " extra " kind to her. When she got into bed he arranged

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and the pupil was not dilated, and finally the seizure ended

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relative sizes of the kidneys affords a good example of en-

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it is iiiulty {vide the argument founded on the experiment

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the cerebral irritation ; small blisters are therefore

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chiefly to that variety of disordered respiration I and caring only for fresh air, " as if (in the words

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would have operated. " A man with an irritable bladder com-

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