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§ A. C. (ierbieh. I'cber die luipfbarkeit der Tuberculose n. dcr Perlsuohl

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The Meinbrana Nictitans sometimes become inflamed in connection

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conipelled to admit, thai to .Mr. Cliurchill has been reserved the lionorof present:ng to ihe profession one more

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rebral affections of infants and children, who fre-

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to tubercle. There was no proof of tliat, and even if it were true, it was,

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information could not l)o obtained from them. My observa-

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ments of the digestive, geuito-urinary, and nervous systems

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Sporadic is a word derived from a Greek word, meaning to sow here

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tiu'ii sentenced to eight j-ears' confinement. The autlior pro-

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of Philadelphia, used to state that some of the old

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gloried in terrible names for trivial as well as fatal ailments.

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of the head. She never showed any recognition of any

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inside of the limb ; press carefully with the fingers ; if a slight enlarge-

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alkalies, &c., to the hands, gives rise to eruptions,

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Medica. render it a difficult matter tor the practitioner to keep up with the advancement of the science, espe-

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"This work merits our warmest eoininendatioiis. and we strongly recommend it lo youug surgcoa« as a«

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Croonian lectures, if he wishes to console himself with the

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its place, not being equally extensible, bursts, ra-

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alike deranged in their obvious qualities, but espe-

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in all such cases, for my own satisfaction, and in deference to

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other convulsive neuroses. It occurs almost exclusively

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plea of " extenuating circumstances." Tho gravity of

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■with this view, change of air should be adopted in

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periment with gaacB heavier than air, and always witli tho same result.

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the power of the alkalies to allay the irritability

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repose, which had before been denied, with more lasting-