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excited, the pulse may run up twenty beats per minute very quickly.

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Pulse at the conclusion of the dressing 100, weak and irre-

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Corvisart was one of the first who put this opinion

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fluid within tlic skull. It is the almost universal cxpcrienco

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1S75.] carter's treatise on diseases of the eye. 531

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developing South America into a dumping ground for inferior

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trated the subject. In several cases there recorded,

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wifery, Diseases of Women and Children, Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Physiology, Chemistry

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convulsions, paralysis, noises in ears, sleeplessness, depres-

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comes down to a certain extent, if walked. Sometimes, by placing the

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ally, too, the child is stillborn in consequence of

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The numerous valuable therapeutical agents which have of late years been introduced into the Materia

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tl)at centre while in that condition, the images presented to tho

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the bath : on the contrary we believe that there is

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of the hromorrliage had tended to coat the forming stones

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cellular tissue ; this depends not on the principle

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chondria Btatim tractarent, in niorbispntisi'iniuni aculis,

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thoroughly, and do not put sheep in an infected pen for a considerable

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cess, is gradually elevated and ra])idly enlarges, a

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the eye-lids are forcibly closed, and can with diffi-

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operates at an earlier stage tiian most surgeons, and thus jire-

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posterior part of the concha, rather above its centre,

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it up in tissue paper, and insert to the bottom of the sinus. Sloughing

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ing the peristaltic action of the intestinal canal,

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effects. Some cases are related where it was brought on by glanderous

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electrified differs, in some respects, from that which

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as the old one, " atntmous oji/ifhalmia." The treatment of

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after the total ])riniary amputations performed by him during

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it l)y some observers. As a clinical study it opens u]) (luestions

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catamonia, a suiall bloodletting will afford the most

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and softer, and at last appear dissolved, as it were,

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lOrichsen, F.ll.C.S., Professor of Clinical Surgery in the University

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I did not feel justified hi refusing the opportunity for

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attention bfen jiaid to them, the man might have lived u

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the head is opened before the other great cavities.