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well, as well perhaps as the scalpel. First make the incision and then
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orders, in which counter-irritation is indicated. If
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the highest authorities in science, principally, as
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application of a blister to the surface is followed
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the attention of the general reader, and justly claims a
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know the evidence on which the first part of the statement was based.
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cided symptoms. It was possible tliat perforation had taken place whilst
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J i)>i Infantile I.ar'inii'tsmns. }?y James Hcid, M.D. London, 18-19.
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Experiment 5. — Dec. 9th, 1873. Into the peritoneal cavity
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there likewise subsists a direct connection between
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"I learned much in the short time I was in South America,
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the use of tonics is not permitted while the febrile
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ing a copy of Dr Jlin'ohison's valuable treatise on Dineascs of
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of the brain are undisturbed. This it is not diffi-
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marked case of hydrothorax (say the cavity one-half full or such a mat-
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low, and dirt ; for it is by no means true that the
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is different from the rigours produced by disease. Rigours, in some cases,
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highest centres of the brain, particularly when it has reached an
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Watkins, expressing our thanks for the reception which had
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'I'lie I'lat crihir, by Dr Rudolf Arndt, ({reifswald. XI. Etiology
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toes, if it is due to a sprain of the tendon, but in some cases the
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fering with catarrh, blood letting would be highly injurious. If you find
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either ordinary intelligence (Birch-Hirschfeldt's and Nobiling's),
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name iibro-ijlastic was objectionable on two grounds, — firstly, because it
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introduction of this medicine as a counter-irritant
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tive quality, with a certain degree of indigestibi-
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far forward as natural ; there may be enlargement and heat in the parts ;
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intestines, frc<)uently obstruct the passage of the
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so like San Francisco; Santiago like Charleston, S. C.
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assumed inhibitory power of the brain over the lower functions — in precise
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|ioiiitout that hysteria was primarily and essentially a mental disorder.
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It differed in its qualities according to the nature
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walls into the surrounding tissues. In some tissues swelling is a very
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specting the origin and functions of the respiratory
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business (always excepting the autlior himself), has much per-
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as shown by their effects on the ([uantity and Hie various in-
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be resolved into their mechanical efl'ects upon the
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state of vaccinatiou in the comnnuiity, though the record
the cold or choleric, and the febrile : the division
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flocculent precipitate diffused through the gelatine, so
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confined in this, as in the former case, to the mere
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Credentials for Sao Paulo and the portion of Brazil south of