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The adherents of the physico-chemical school explain the

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close up. The heart had now regained a perfectly normal


om- Ivnowledge of the properties of arsenical compounds

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small size and depth of the tumour, the diagnosis was probably impossible.

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power, but there are no distinguishing symptoms by which to tell this

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report to be brought up at a subsequent meeting of the Society.

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the air that surrounds it is capable of maintaining

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repi'csentative of the inter-clavicle. Those anatomists who

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body more frequently passes into the right side than into the left. If

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muscles have contracted, they retain this condition

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nausea, also, which attends their operation, abating

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time, in the cells of the colon in maniacal cases ;

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In many cases a little scab formed on the top of the vesicles

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submit the patient, who is then disturbed, and often groans

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followed by a remission of all signs of excitement,

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Dr lliiiih TImmsiiii said tliat the liuiiian body was no doubt a very coin-

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shown, viz., an animal fluid containing organisms and j-et

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condition extends to the hyaline cartilage around the cells, the

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times furred, but moist; often, but not in all cases,

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this disease, which came under our care lately, the

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nasal bones. It looks like rather a serious injury, but as a general

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The method of experimentation generally used by this author

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January 10. — He was much better. Pulse 9G, stronger,

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nose, for in such case it would excite the animal, and it would expel

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of its important influence on his recovery, and oc-

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one or two affected in the first place and then others get it, then be care-

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Stomach {Ewald). — Hitherto, observations have seemed

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food and stimulating drinks : it is no unusual cir-

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To prevent the Indians from being enslaved, the Jesuits

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white corpuscles stagnated before the red corpuscles, for a mechanical reason,

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ciilte de Miid. No. 175.— De I'Aupcult. M6d. 3enie Cdit.

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Dr Gainlner introduced a patient who had recently recovered from an

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lymphatics with the alveoli. Buhl concludes that tho alveoli of tho lung aro

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muscle was paralyzed, the eye v^ould be turned inward.

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tosis, tumours of various kinds, fungus haematodes,

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and the ])ineal gland was the size of a cherry. The posterior

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noticed to be more irritable by his fellow workers. On 25th

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is due to the condition of the heart and its influ-