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Does Celexa Withdrawal Cause Nausea

chest, followed by expectoration, slight vertigo, or
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By C. D. Purdon, M.B., F.K.C.S.I., Certifying Surgeon for the Bt 1/aat
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will in many cases, come away of itself without further treatment, j
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some afflicting news, in the course of twelve hours
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entertained is, that it is to be found in the alco-
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of anything connected even remotely with this disease, but
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ture, have all been put imder contribution in a way which we
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form ; or if you use water, acetate of lead or opium may be added. Ban-
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dia, contributes so essentially to the well-being of
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take it more readily than young, healthy animals. Kecent investigations
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The stream of running water was a roadside stream, about
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mens in my possession in which blood exists in considerable
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the swelled and softened state of the little patient's
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otherwise healthy, but of weak intellect, who yet could carry
does celexa withdrawal cause nausea
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many cases they were so slight as never to attract attention,
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but I now prefer hypodermic injections. If you have no remedy at hand, ;
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wnH (.'xniniiii'd liy iv [lower of JifiO dinincti'iH. 'I'lio cartiluL'e wna in n noinuil
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years, after which, in place of it, the patient began
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seated and which in turn opens through a colonnade onto the
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Osteophytes. — A slight exostosis involving the upper part of the fet-
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to the innervation of the blood-vessels in order to explain this dilatation.
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horn may be completely knocked off, and this may be followed by con-
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the quantity of lithic acid contained in the urine,
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* Hactcria floiiiish exuberantly in .'v uoliitioii of these Bixlts.
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dent, will produce inflammation of various tissues,
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c(niiiiiunicated with the vaccine lyiniih. Tlio vaccine jjustule
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forbid it, one or two glasses of sherry, mixed with
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forcibly rotated from side to side about eight times
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fe, or separately, had no power of infection, while the smallest
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ing it by a plain oak paper, lie recovered perfect liealtli, and
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be ascribed to the diuretic influence of the volatile
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