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Cholecalciferol 20000 Side Effects

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that the beneficial effects of alkalies are not limited

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Use of Students of tlie Manchester Royal Infirmary ; pp. 30. London :

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wound, it might be seen to run in difl'erent shades

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one ; or the smart pinch of an anaesthetic limb may appear to

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Cerebral Tumours. — These may be found in connection with the

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with reliable guides and chauffeurs to take this drive. No

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produce on the system ; pathologically, from causing the

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tine, and give injections of soap and water, and even add a little turpen-

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of serum or an abscess. A heavy belly band may produce it, or it may

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the insensibility was not complete ; the cornea was sensitive,

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Eiudfleisch states that '• all parts of the lung parenchyma

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vessels giving it a pinliish appearance, it bulged forwards, but there was

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were not already familiar to us: — 'I was formerly,' he said,

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possible to distinguish the one from the other; and

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republics. As large as the combined states of New York,

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cases of what was called hy.sterical paralysis, the application of anresthesia

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emetic counter-irritation is more generally acknow-

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routine ; he will be in a perpetual bustle ; he will

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will be taken to some one who will, perhaps, burn him, and you might

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a blister, but in some cases just cold water and bandaging will

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easy to say what is the precise state of the system

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Cold applications are beneficial, and cold water applied for an hour at a

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tiic most ellective modes of treatment, lias received most remark-

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sometimes gi%'e little uneasiness, and are not sus-

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much dilliculty, as to give rise to the belief in the

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these cases many years before the date last mentioned.

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