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asthenia. On examining the abdomen a general flattening was noticed, and

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prove that the effective force of the left ventricle and its absolute

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and tiiat communication may be said fairly to represent our

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Lyons, by H. Tollin. XX. Contribution on the origin of

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Another very painful affection of a similar nature,

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glanders, and glanders farcy, by taking the virus from one or the

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during health — in some small, in others larger— and it is not a bad sign

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disease ; for instance, in scarlatina this period is

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its causes and its cure, justifies the opinion which

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ing causes. It may, like wind-galls, appear very quickly.

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ly, when the parietes of the right ventricle acquire

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brane. There may be some difficulty in breathing, for I believe there

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not frequent, and where it is traceable as a cause, it is more

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Symptoms. — Difficulty in breathing, a peculiar husky cough, rumination

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of course, in severe cases that this extension takes place,

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and xiv. : also Dr. Parry's Posthumous Works, vol. ii.

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the name of suffocative catarrh, false croup, spas-

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evidently been bestowed. The greatest attention has naturally

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and, 6. that an affection of the innervation, or of

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meet with two or three cases showing such symptoms, it is a little suspic-

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of the body ; but these changes are not so significant to the casual

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trated tubercle of Kokitausky, where to the naked eye

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did well, while in others the callodiou had to be removed to allow the

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new habitation. By using defibrinated blood you avoid the risk

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asphyxia will result ; not owing only to the requi-

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as a sign, wc refer to the difleient articles of this

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circulation, and is conveyed into the left ventricle,

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become dilated from a tiny particle to a large size.

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adherent to the wall, so that dissection was precluded.

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since the time of Bernard's observations, it has been dis-

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ed by indisputable evidence ; but while the fact is

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disease. In these cases, in addition to the periodi-

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of a straw is seen to dilate to that of a goose-quill.

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pecting a visitation, not a case occurred, although

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also more likely to occur in fast or heavy work horses. It is frequent in

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destroy it with caustic, but with incomplete success ; the tumour again

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the displacement of the collar bone, prevented compression

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Inflammation of tlie Textures Involvint? tlie Pleura.— If the

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much out of his way to bite anything ; not like one savage dog attacks

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while the left lung, the pleura, and the heart, ex-

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ing the foreman, his cranky mental machinery doubtless

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hereafter, that, in regard to the chest, this superi

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hospital is conducted by a congregation of German Sisters,

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