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viduals its purgative influence requires to be aided
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of blood circulates in its vessels. In the progress
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than the usual small introductory works. Persons using it may rely upon its being kept up to the day by fre-
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the crisis of typhus beyond its usual time ; or the compli-
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" heading," do this, so that in these places it is always more
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acid, one part to twenty or forty of water, and if one does not succeed, try
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falls, and then is relieved, after which there is a discharge of blood
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which, while it has been almost exclusively used in Glasgow,
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drawings in eacii copy of the Atlas are hand-painted, in water
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sent in cases of this kind, as it frequently is, then
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pies a considerable portion of the lungs : its more
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great mitigation, and retardation of the paroxysms.
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ascribe that condition to a general congestion of the kidneys,
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4. Principal Bodies of Water: Rivers: LaPlata and Uruguay.
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complete cure may be effected. So you must take into consideration
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spected, under the guidance of your honored Director, your
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goes absorption and ulceration, and the articular cartilage is destroyed,
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fungi an acid one. Ergo to prevent or arrest putrefaction,
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With such eflnicient aid in all the parts of their undertaking, they have spared
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thus enclosing a small isJet of iinaffected skin very singu-
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tilages of the second and third ribs could not be oc-
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that they were really in the room. When told that other ])eopIe
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rior cava, or by disease of the heart or lungs ; all
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fast horses — race and trotting horses, the latter oftener suffer here than
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3. One large infantile mark. Re-vaccination often failed;
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there should be skilled superinleudence, as plumbers, as a rule, had uo
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dency to abrasion of the cornea, stimulate every day or two, and keep
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tiic incomplete and the imjoerfoct forms usually sheds a
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aortitis, and then subjoin the sources of fallacy to
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fixing the statistics of the disease, taken without
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attains an enormous size in some cases. It is gradual in progression, \
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certain state of the wound. It should be called Surgical Fever. He