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piriiim. {^Senecx Opera, t. ii. p. 136. Epist liv.)
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lie wrote on the paste with a solution of nut-gulls, previously prepared for the
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foot the other is quickly brought forward. Examine carefully ; take
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animal, and digesti<- n takes place quickly, and the horse does not suffer
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connue sous le noui de croup, et la natnre des alterations
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solving has given it a more stable foundation, as it is
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norant of this airection, for we find no allusion to
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a more thorough reform than merely isolating the water closets would be
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from slipping upon the haunches, or rearing and falling upon the
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objects ; his face was purple, his limbs were weak,
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fore backwards in the middle line. Septum luciduni was absent,
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"'Hie plan of this Atlas is admirable, and its execution superior to any thing of the kind before published m
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paper, and you may detect them with the naked eye, or you may try
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then, has but little analogy with the expectoration two ounces of water; a large quantity when com-
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it was due to some change in the lungs themselves, inde-
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posterior or upper end, but firmly attached to the breast-
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case of a parasitic affection, they had not only to remove the parasite, but to
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not very serious. It may affect any limb, but oftener the hind limb.
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reptiles lU'ie acid and its compounds take the place of urea,
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attaches itself to the sides of the vessel in which
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the mortality amongst the males has decreased t) per cent., but
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which I possessed having been unfortunately lost — still,
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on a chair or bank, as if unable to stand, yet afraid
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time it gradually increased in size, but latterly it has increased more
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years ago. Such a series of statistics would have brouglit out whether that
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in a matrix and form a greater part of the body and fang of the
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a sound very like it) in the case of dilated bronchi ;