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will show, the operating theatre was busily occupied.

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on, it is one of the most formidable diseases inci-

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suitable direction. There would, of course, be great and probably insuper-

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essentially a nervous disease, due to irritation of the nerves. It is

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Fracture is a solution of continuity of bone, and it is common in

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the same kind, followed by stupor for some hours, and occasional squinting.

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cise knowledge is, no doubt, important in assisting

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the judgment of Dr Farr, that we feel very nmcli inclined to

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M'Vail'H concluHions. He had gone on the assumption that the ribs were

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swelling of the neck, compelled hhn to give up work three weeks ago. AVhilo

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again, etc. Great ditficulty in swallowing may occur. Dogs do not have

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to Schwartze, of Halle, who, in 1865, first called the attention

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portion of the bowel was of a dark blue colour, and a perfoi-a-

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soon charged with tiie jiroducts of decomjiosition now greatest ;

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elevated, it indicates inflammation of the subjacent

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order, which can be fairly referred to that cause ;

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and often stupifying pain, slight increase of heat,

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facial symmetry and the powers of mastication for ever.

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these cases, examination of the veins of the extre-

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in getting up ; battering of the fetlocks, etc. I saw one case of frac-

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Before closing this paper, I may here ask, whether pyiemia is

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for the term of his or her natural life, or for any

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Dr Thomas Ueid presented a man, about fifty years of age, witli a

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Hypertrophy of the brain and oozing of the brain has been noticed.

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not make up your mind that the disease is in the fetlock in all cases ; but

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medical classes, as from his continued appearance as a gainer of University

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sensory symptoms. In ordinary hemiplegia or paraplegia there

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proliferation was very marked, the tubes being iu many parts

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rounded, (inn, white bodies, interspersed through their substance. They are,

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not proficients in the science, an Introduction has been, prepared, containing a concise view

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fully supported, will be contorted and unequally pressed on.

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nent part tlicy play in exciting disease in important contiguous

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which he suggests as conveying tlie best idea of the disease

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on no occasion interfering with the continuity of the maxillary

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no redundant bono, so much only being produced as suflices

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in Bolivia. In his speech of acceptance he again expressed his

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that it passes through the alimentary canal without

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There was no blood on the knife, none on the broken

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In the third plate most accurate drawings are given of the

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profession. We think, however, that oiu' notice and our ex-

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DlPHTIIElilTIC Som;Timo.\T.— .In cnni/ and succc.is/id method of Jreali'iir/

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arteries ; and their disproportionate action is the

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brain, or rather to take off the inflammatory action