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Elmiron Side Effects

of a green colour. This is a state of the complaint
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ance of our own Marion Sims in his younger days. He showed
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masses of disease presented did not extend back much more than four
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men of charm and interest and was increasingly glad of every
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to the merchants of South America. The genius of the
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Enzootic diseases are confined to certain localities, and are due to local
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brandy. It is then laid on the part to be blistered ;
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medicine, to whom it may at first sight prove rather disappoint-
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tion may likewi.-e I'ollow other forms of bh^eding (remedial
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or no reverberation of sounds, there is a still less
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lie applied the current for fifteen to forty-five minutes, chang-
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weakly colts to run on a rough hill-side. This is likely to become
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the hospital, the acting surgeon asked the dresser for a bistoury ;
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injury ; he can perhaps get up on the fore legs, but not on the hind
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girdle are differentiated from the common mass. In this
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Injuries to the ear must be treated as injuries to the other parts.
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Symptoms. — There is more or less difliculty and swelling about the
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tures often presented a rise, which, though not altogether beyond the pos-
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taken by the author at the request of his pupils. Although as we are modestly informed in the
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Copacabana and Ipanema. Turning we had a faint view of
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years of age. All succesaful after a second insertion.
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was kept up all night. The disease gradually grows worse, and the cough
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Surgery, Army Medical School, Netley. London : Charles Griffin &
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vanised." Ilajipily, I have not yet met with such an event.
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all'ections of the muscles of the Ijustacliiaii tube; electricity in
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atmospheric air better, and the detraction of blood
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in which, under the above treatment, recoveries took place.
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tolerate the light. Upper eyelid droops to some extent ; eyeball retracted.
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of ]8*1 percent.; and under this heading he gives the mor-
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externally, and discharging several gall-stones, in
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proved, — the intervention, or otherwise, of fever
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cent. ; in the secondary deaths it was 44*4 ])cr cent; and in the
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Treatment. — According to your works you would remove it, but my
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was of a brown colour, and the cells were apparently stained with it ; the
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