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Vitaline Hazleton

missure was very wide and thick. On the velum interpositum
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(Reckerches sur la I'lilliisie.) It is obvious that
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may be due to a severe strain, such as hunting horses are subject to,
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The West Fading Asylum Medical Reports. Edited by J. Crichton Browne,
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ment, fomentations, laxatives, febrifuges, etc. The superior spines of
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or its related groups (marrow, fat, bones).t He lias in his
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the condition of the skin, and invigorate the circu-
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and the Continent, had opened vast stores of pathological facts in connection with
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the judicious observations of Dr. Paris (^Paris and
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extremities themselves receive the first irritating
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fevers, or in modern language, of fever complicated
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peculiar to it are not interrupted ; but that these I the spasm subsided of its own accord. In other
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castor oil. On lirst visitine such a patient, a large
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liiui.Jiuo,) has relation rather to the secretion than
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Dr. Mayo and I had found in South America some of the best
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thic, that is, independent of local disease, will be
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children ; the second, a boj^, was also idiotic, while the third, a
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water, and a child successfully vaccinated with it.
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cases, for instance, it is easy to feel the mesenteric
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drachms once or twice a day, or gallic acid one drachm, with one drachm
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affection. It is singular that in this country opium
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especially if a plethoric animal, give a pretty good purgative. After pre-
tubercle to disorganise we may safely and decidedly deny,
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may be, is not certain ; but it is very probable that
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probably identical with, this " waxy degeneration " of authors.
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mation ; there is little increase of heat ; the sur-
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Kecherches siir I'etat de la pupille pendant I'anesth^sie Chloroformiquo,
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by C'ai;dkn'.s opeh.mion about a month before. By making a very long
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in size, as is familiarly evinced by the falling off
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ble in affections of the respiratory and circulating
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of these cases in establishing the circulation pro-
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life-histories of all men, rank among the Scriptures of God.
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in other places, but not so frequently. I am inclined to the opinion of
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of the throat, from /?p(5y;^of, giittur, and kj/Xi/j /w-
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berries, they separate veratria, the active principle
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the form of a thin red sheet. After carefully removing the
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ing. The distilled oil, oleum cJtenopodii, or worm-
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'Die well-known inhibitory action of the vagus nerve on the
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death from the patient being placeU in the supine position. 5. Robinson on the Nature and Source of the
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do not require albuminous compounds for building up their pro-
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and beside the stricture was an artiiicial pouch into which the catheter had
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be the starting point of inflammation. Inflammation may be said to be
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these tonics have failed, the disease has yielded to
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the limb to some extent. It is not necessary to use slings ; use fomen-
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to find the internal mark of suffocation so distinct
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those placed laterally to the Wolffian bodies. They originate
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quite unintelligible. In a practical treatise such as
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tached at its upper end to the left part of the transverse
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was no change to note in the appearances presented by the
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Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine in Franklin Medical College, Philadelphia i
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vessels, some degree of force must be used in order
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states, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. 5.5 inhabi-
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resembling the effect produced by it on dead matter.
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troublesome. This was relieved to some extent by sedative
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ihiK Aiiaionusul Alias \oour readers in lUe vrery sirtutgest terms." — New York Journal vf Medicine and Sut'
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parasite, and is not contagious. It is an eruption of the minute vesicles,