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and its effects are chiefly discernible in the consti-

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tions that can be performed without hospital accommodations.

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eases, as when a collection of pus in the pleura is

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American horses. It is called strangles from a peculiar suffocating

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ous water is of great use in establishing the cure,


doubtless requiring as a pre-requisite of its development a certain condi-

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principal site in the cardiac region, but increases,

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ing of the cysts into the cavity of the peritoneum,

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lated from the German by Charles ILurcr, M.D. London : Triibner

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cases in which the inflammation was a secondary matter ;

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of their effects. — The saline emetics in general

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This causes sloughing and brings on healthy action. Caustics have

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cured of an obstinate eruption in the face by blis-

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situated near the internal ear, the diseased action

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a state of vessels dilTering materially from such an

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or retracted at one or other side. Here we have three

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vessels. The separated retina was pressed forward, and lay in folds against

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perhaps a great many cases are due to hereditary influence. It was once

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able" method of investigation is correct, but the question is,

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not common in ordinary driving horses. It is produced by violent exer-

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September, aged 39, leaving his young wife with four children. His remains

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left side. Van der Kolk narrates the case of a female