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at least, if it is not so, it is to be attributed to the
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fseces will lie for a length of time in the extremity
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derable time after, and this is occasionally attended
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these circumstances it will be advisable to use the
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surgical, and fever departments. Epidemics of fever, and the
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watery stools : they are, therefore, well calculated
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vestigation of this interesting branch of pathology
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up in the brain the lesion is situated ; c.;/. tiiat wiiere it is down in
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climate decidedly hostile to their particular state
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increased to a grain of the acetate in a pill, three
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disease in man (such as injury and disease of the brain, or
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concise description : — " Those affected first com-
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Symptoms. — If it is large it is easily detected. But we sometimes meet
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lumbrici ; but we have had no experience of their ,
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Occasionally this condition of the respiration exists
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of this im{)ortant subject, we refer our readers to
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pris." (^Dlctionnaire de Medecine, <^c.) In this
term. The coats of the intestines are three — a mucous, a muscular and
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dosed, the best antidotes, after the use of the sto-
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a fibrous condition, or are absorbed, or decay, break up, and
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the fluid in the pleura ; left lung rather expanded, if any-
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There are certain diseases that might be mistaken for glanders. In nasal
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•with amongst persons advanced in life, or amongst
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although the pulse and respiration may be slightlj'
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with ague, as it sometimes is, and, secondlij, when
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the alkalies have been exhibited for a considerable
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generally." " I thought liim touched in the head when I saw
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killed ; wt. 325 grammes. The great omentum and peritoneum
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first place, that, since the beneficial effect in ques-
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low si.\ cliapters on Neurmimesis or nervous mimicry. In tlie
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much for the history of the progress of discovery of aural
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if he has only his own professional interests to consult, but after all thcro
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or horseshoe-shaped ridge, within which and against which
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John Eric Erichsen, Professor of Clinical Surgery at University