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3. Physical Contour: Country divided into three sections:
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that these centres are, at least, not in the thaiami o])tici, as so
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cable, are most benefited by a long course of blue I
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even the intestinal canal. It usually runs its course in from eight
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the jialient usually suffers under symptoms of dis-
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•• Nor do these parts, in any degree, fall short of their predecessors, in the copiousness and value of their
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but this does occur. It may be done by violent action, as galloping, jump-
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he had unfortunately introduced into his paper, his apology was that they
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cause of tetanus, or severe convulsions. It is sin-
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immersion ; and all efl^ective motion, while in the
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iodide of potassium, sulphate of copper, or balsam of copaiba. The best
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KIRBY AND SPENCE'S ENTOMOLOGY. An Introduction to Entomology ; or Elements
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first acceptation ; and when a disease of the lungs
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as well as by directly allaying the irritated condi-
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President: Elected by direct vote of people for a term of
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was impossible that Miller could have invented the symp-
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* of North America and South America great differences
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bone dies and irritates the surrounding tissues, which ends in sup-
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of others — the attacks being so brief in duration, it is only by
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being so, in view of the failure of Wreden to propagate the
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Koujris. — Landowski contributes several papers to recent numbers
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In the foregoing, very succinctly is pictured a matiured
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its causes and its cure, justifies the opinion which
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J. Mayo and other prominent North American surgeons whose
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^'autage — namely, that if it is dith!cult or impossible to prove
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■within two or three hours. These observations are the
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that the scapula forms an angle with the coracoid, which is
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although the atmosphere is intolerably fetid to the
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The Period of Union, and the manner in which bones unite, depends