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it reaches the os uteri, for the purpose of directing

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to the interior, and therefore will elicit no reso-

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three drachms, in the form of a ball, or rubbed down in a little cold

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point where a cicatrix existed. At this spot, it had been on one occasion

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lV/fARCH 26. Visited the Policlinic with Dr. Clark. It, too,

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lie was supplied with diabetic biscuits and rusks. Under this treatment

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or less degree ; but the severe affection described

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fever, errors in diet, the too early or too free use of animal

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ounces of broiled or boiled meat, with three ounces of pota-

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21. Commercial Establishments: Innumerable interesting shops

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more likely to terminate in rupture, or it may terminate in death by

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cal and somatic disorders in whicli unilateral phenomena

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chiefly, however, by manufacturers and other interested

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may be due to a severe strain, such as hunting horses are subject to,

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or carelessness, inhale perpetually an atmosphere con-

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persevere for several hours, — not so much regard-

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escape the evil influences of heedlessness or error ;

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it is affected with itching, or a sense of pricking

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the tissue, and here and thei'c a corpuscle is seen which seems

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