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laxative, yet operates too gently to render it useful |

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by Professor Ponfick. Rostock. XVI. Critical remarks on tho

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maligna, cancrum oris, gangrene of the lungs, &c.

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shedding of fine furfuraceous scales for two days longer.

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digestive and then upon the nervous system. The symptoms are dul-

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volition, is solely dependent on vitality. It is this

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1 ordered that a turpentine enema should bo given if no

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taking care to ensure a pure atmosphere in the house. I

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&c., and also in certain cases of dilatation of the

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of the administration of the chloral may be interesting.

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Dr Duiiii'dl replied that the matter had been little investigated, and ho

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(for amputation at the shoulder-joint, upper part of the thigh, &c.). He

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The publishers annex a very condensed summary ot the contents of Chelius's Surgery, showing

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anodyne liniment, camphor, opium, etc. Spasms of the diaphragm,

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in chronic affections of the stomach or the liver ;

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the most common cause in city practice ; direct or indirect injury to the

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that in tlie majority of cases the disease is attri-

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mucous membrane of the opposite jaw, when it is necessary to rasp

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