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* This paleness of the iris, which often attends the

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pre-,meso-,and post-scapulae. The meso-scapula is also often

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cold water, he experiences a sensation of cold pro-

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often. Roots, especially if frozen, and sometimes if in a proper con-

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are much less healthful. It is not that their health

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" /^\S WALDO CRUZ — doctor, sanitarian and health commis-

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aqueous humour of the eye. May grow to the size of one half inch to

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behind the margin of the cornea and " on a line two millimetres

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general thing, issues from but one nostril, but it may come from both.

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gards his bodily and mental health. On reaching manhood,

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at 1 year old, and increasing cautiously, if necessary. It

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\X/"E then drove with Dr. Ramos and Dr. Franklin P. Pyles

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pose indirectly, but catarrh directly. In this class

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the " cerebral theory " of mental disease. Epilepsy, alcoholism, and

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and Argentina require a seven-year course of medicine, while

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ble, and, so strong is the faith in their necessity,

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elTusions of blood, pus. or serous fluid, fractures

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evinced by the following fact, a fact which we will ven-