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testine the mucous membrane was exposed to mechanical causes which would
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III. — The whole left lung was dull to percuKsioii, aud tliia
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The result of this state of matters was, that considerable and
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missed for bad nursing. The society, iiowever, will sujjport
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become involved, and prevent the introduction of the chyle into the sys-
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pituitary body. Tlie tumours were thus lympho-saroomata, and Dr Knox
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Symptoms. — Soon become very prominent and alarming. It is easily
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bowels, due to changes in the system ; the digestive system is generally
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should be sparingly fed for a few days. There is no better remedy than
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long existence of tlie latter proljably reducing the elastic
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which acts upon the skin. The papillo becomes enlarged, and there is a
which will seldom extend to the compact structure of cither jaw,
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fluctuation, then relieve the parts of pus by an incision, foment,
came. This fact appeared to corroborate the gaseous origin of the fever.
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to, and less liable to objection than, that of Dr. Cop-
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be very sparing in quantity, of the mildest quality,
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remedial measures recommended were as misuccessful as
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extended their power over a considerable portion of Brazil.
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enormous (piantity of pus Avas brought up by the moutli,
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deposits of cretaceous matter between the layers of this membrane
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clicct of the usual causes of pain when they exist.
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first sensation was increased heat and perspiration,
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this disease. It is usually brought on by shivering ; when the shivering
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ever, probable that some parts perspire more freely
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ounces, the left ventricle predominating. The kidneys were
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of the sporadic cases, and it is incredible that the
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Atrect.; Celsus, lib. v. c.28, .sect. 15; Paul. ^gin. lib. iv.
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tions — the great sheet anchor, so to speak, if there is violent pain— or
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using in the first instance a small, straight probe, and afterwards
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XIV. Contribution on the first formation of the allantois, by
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The same applies to open joint in the stifle, and if it occurs to a horse
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It acts as a direct but gentle stimulus to the skin,
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ance of the stomach and bowels might have reduced, for a
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pillars could be traced to the corpora albicantia. Each lateral
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system, the health of the city had decidedly improved. The improvement