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opium, either alone or in its various combinations,
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operation, necessitating plugging ; recovery took place,
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correct the offensive character of any of the tissues
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39*.5 per cent., against 38'8 of the Glasgow Infirmary. But
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give, but it is higher by 13 per cent, in amputations of the
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cooling properties, perhaps deserve the preference.
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sub-maxillary is perhaps the best, as it is only covered by the skin ; or
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Copaiba, given in large doses rmtil extensive Urticaria is
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practical results of that discovery were experienced.
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On Defective Hearing, its Curable Forms and Rational Treatment. By
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23. Medical Schools: School of Medicine, Caracas. School of
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priate support may restore its tone anJ enable it 1 accumulation occurs in the colon or cjecum, which
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posed of cells and granular matter shooting out along the
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elaine, cholesterine, &c., which in composition
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bloody serum. If in this stage of the disease there is still crepitation, the
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or from hot applications, hot water, mustard, etc. Nitrate of potash is
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western manufacturing towns. Many of the buildings were
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who were serving as internes in the hospitals, and I am sure
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Professor George Buchanan's care in the Western Infinuary,
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of diseases, due to ccntagium in some form or other. This conta-
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ceived, the dressings were removed, and foimd to be satur-
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cartilage at both ends ; that at the inner or sternal end corre-