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but in horses are most common upon the head, neck, groin, flank and

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also aid in finding the seat of lameness in the foot.

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and spent tlie night in this man's house ; his condition

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which the fluid is in contact ; and it would appear

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vagus nerve passed very close to these glands, and was some-

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or mechanical abrasion). Thus the deposit is not necessarily

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etructurcs. In a few cases lie clearly points out tiieir interest

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Dr Wood Smith presented an elderly man with a large polypus in pos-

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peated every night for some weeks ; such, at least,

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practical points, by the various respectable physi-

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German, and Italian pathologists, by which, conjointly with those of British prac-

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conviils('.s revoivont pour la plupart Io3 lileta du nerf pneuino-gii3tri(|Uc. Aiiisi

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fever, which was followed by empyema. Symptoms of urgency set in, and

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of small extent. On this frail fragment, therefore, his name will float, and

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I'Academie Royalo des Sciences et JJelles Leltres de Ber.

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It was agreed by all these medical witnesses that it

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diachylon, frictions with crotori oil, opodeldoc, or

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middle of the Pouparfs ligament, and, being pressed on by the clothes,

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pulse varies in different attacks of colic. If it attacks a horse after a hard

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implied in the aphorism nmnc ricum ex urn. They were unjustly accused of

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oil is also recommended, but makes the animal very dirty. Iodide of