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body of man ? Let us take the tubercle of the human lung
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i is a stimulant sudorific, exciting, powerfully, the
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brother. On two other occasions Miller's attempts at self-
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such view^s and observations appeared to him to merit especial notice.
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Our author was the iirslto apply tiio term '• wartyteetli," and
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where the liver was deranged. Its action is chiefly
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considered that tubercles in the liver w'ere rare in general tuberculosis ; but
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stable may become affected at the same time. It is said to attack the
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ho entered into a more jiromlsing engagement with an old practitioner in
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laxative in doses of f-^ii. Sulphur, whether in the ]
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complete obstruction. After the catheter iias been passed, the
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Herniotomy performed by Dr Patersou. Operation per-
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nature of the disease, are yet insensibly influenced
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Sulphurous acid, Hulphnretted hydrogen, chlorine, and carbonic acid were
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' Gregory it is dismissed in terms sufficiently ex-
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to a pint of water. The brutal practice of using a hot iron, was, and
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zymotic malady, smallpox for instance, by .saying it may
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assume it as a fact, that the tenuity or density of
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herself. Some tinae ago I had under my care in the Royal
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Lectures delivered at the lioyal C'oller/e of Physicians, in March, tS'T.'i.
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Grease. — This disease is the result of scratches, and is more
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the present division all the cases of nervous angi-
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the kidneys are proportionally heavier in the new-born
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We hope that one of ihe small rewards that Avill flow from
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detract Irom the value of the muttir thus disposed."— 7/ie London Medical Gazette.