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it is to be observed that the order in which the muscular system
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i-fTorts at purgation by medicines, both by mouth ami rectum.
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The book is divided into three sections. Tlie first treats of
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as it does references to subjects not easily reached.
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medicine, and hand-iubbing and bandaging may be of use, if he is
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gents, tonics, &c. Such a state may undoubtedly
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defence in this case. The opinions of these gentlemen
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theless, when he became acquainted with Dr Bowditeh's instrument, he at
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in violent fits of coughing, sneezing, laughing, or
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wound, when there is motion, this is the mode of union ; the edges of
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tied the right superior thyroid artery, with a like
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life. A portion of the external table of the skull was driven into the
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