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Take into consideration the form of the limb, the place of the splint,
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is present, the complication renders the sign still
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Incubation. — This period has been very variously estimated.
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the day, was marked by a total absence of any desire to get
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When the attempts at resuscitation have been ! wounds arc apt to become sore and inflamed,
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susceptible, such a state of local determination of
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In one large duodecimo volume, sheep or extra cloth.
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receives an injury in the eye, the mucous membrane is very much red-
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eight incisors in the lower jaw, which are called shovel-shaped, and
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tagium evolving spontaneously, say amidst festering accumula-
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tion, converted into it in about six weeks ; but in
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venient forms is that which is erected over the common
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by English aural surgeons as an exogenous disease, to be seen
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Having now detailed a sntticient number of my cases to pre-
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and in small quantities, the pupil is often dilated,
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These additions he has striven to make in such a manner as not to interfere
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existent, yet there is always the jwssibility that they may be-
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p- rsp.iaiory or;.Miis of tjic sk h. ih*" perspiratory glands and hairs of the skin, iliid the hair and nails. Theft
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be induced must bo familiar to all. We give, for exam])lc, a
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respecting this disease which have of late years been pub-
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than usual, and is, perhaps, iijost safely given in
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Had the Atlantic Cable of 1858 succeeded, it is probable the course of
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back, probably from pleuritic efiusion. As he did not mend
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by which water as well as air goes down the throat,
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tion, being quickly lost in an overpowering torpor,
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leads more rapidly to mental disturbance when the fits arc im-
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urine, and the irritation, anxiety, and pain attend-
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Treatment. — You will be apt to look upon such an injury as being a
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cases of lameness in the hind extremity are in the hock. It is oftener
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heart at tlie base of the ventricles. Near the cardiac spots there was a film
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Koyal Infirmary, under my care, ou the 17th September, 1874, suffering
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dcliciencies in <h(! connection Avliich he seeks to eslahlish
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cial. If the crack extends half-way down, then you must bottom the
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drinJcinr/ came on like a disease. Ilis wife told me this too.
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of the incipient stafre of tlie disease in our description
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heit. In one case, however, the fever was very acute, run-
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other of the various causes of augmented range is '
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