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is alike affected by both, and death, whether it be

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or chloride of zinc five or ten grains to an ounce of water — and apply

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they are highly cultured; that the average South American

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place, or how strong the desire of self-destruction

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brain and spinal cord There will be a reddened appearance of the

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purer, more bracing atmosphere of the sea-side. Under such

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has so eiuH'mously increased, tliat few men can liiid time or

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pain, and perhaps worked all the time ; yet considerable changes may

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necessary to use a mild external application or counter irritant, but if it

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part of the chest, while the patient is in any posi-



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of what has been done in this direction. Under these specific

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ments of Mr. [SirB.] Brodie, to ascertain the source

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■' This is a revised and improved edition of the author's celebrated book, eniitled ' General Therapeutics;' an


has generally elapsed before medical aid is obtain-

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ing of the face, together with violent headach, in-

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squinter to see minute and distant bodies. I find, as a ride,

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Xeres, in Spain, is called, according to our ortho-

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I Id. loc. citat. Galen, de Cur. Morb. sec. loc. lib. i

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the acute or chronic form. It may affect both or only one lung, or a part

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but he suddenly got up and rushed out of the house, saying

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Poultry Lousiness, which appears to be an eczematic condition of

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high trough, and feed pretty well, which will benefit the healing process.

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D., aged 47, labourer, admitted May 31, 1875, under care of

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consideration how far the antiseptic treatment may be

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prominence is called the Acromion. The position of this

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a tendency to gravel is the deposition of uric acid

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of great importance iu its medico-lei^ai relations, and lias re-

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of the effects of exposure to severe cold, consists

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tality from pyasmia, in the primary deaths alone, was 33"3 per

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described as of a reserved, tacitiu'n disposition, easily irri-

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the most of my fatal cases occurred ; with the belief which

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convalescence is the least evil likely to result from in the cavity of the large intestine, Dr. Marshall

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ingly thin, delicate, capsule of bone, about the size of a

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adhered to the belief that they had seen them at some

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longing to the first class, the gyrus fornicatus is absent ; it

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<iiiracter of the affection ; but at times a white

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strong impression that Dr Dougall had misapprehended Dr IJurdon-

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bandage ; apply carefully, and then perhaps a splint on both sides of