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(^Read he/ore the Glasgoir Medico-Chirurgical Sociely, 5lh March.)
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13. Population: 2,323,527. One-half population of Texas.
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tality in the four nactro])olitan Hospitals as 27'4 per cent. Sir
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dition of acid bodies, or, if become alkaline, their acidity restored.
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lie would get into still fits, and would not speak when spoken
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These two cases illustrate well the pathology of fracture
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tortuous meatus in nearly all, the externally convex membrana
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the air, and is to ' ome extent under the control of the pneumogastric
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bony deposits in connection with the ligaments and tendons. These
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The purpose of the present paper is to give a few practical
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Ineligible for re-election for two succeeding periods.
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be no doubt that the antiseptic treatment of amputations is the
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