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liver and irritation of or shedding of the teeth, but generally from the
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simple fractures, one through the middle third and one
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examined, the antimonial is in the state of a peroxide.
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ration, or any other fixed physical alteration of a
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taofes of change of scene, a salubrious atmosphere,
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Caries and Exostosis. — The atlas, the first cervical vertebra, is so
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age in when inserting the tube ; or, you may not have a tube at hand,
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with a great deal of farinaceous food. I have not noted tlie
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moved from a patient. It had grown very rapidly, and, from its softness,
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the lower margin of riglit cornea hazy ; the pupil normal in size, but ad-
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those usually met with in cases of ccrumlnal acemuluation
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the application of leeches to the temples or behind
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Symptoms. — More or less fever ; falling off of milk, if in milk cow
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30. Cable Rates: 50 cents a word from New York or New England
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gree of depression in the proportion of globules. He
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astringents. In the incipient stage of the disease,
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noticeable phenomenon being a marked and increasing smallness of the pulse.
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ceived, the dressings were removed, and foimd to be satur-
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accomplished : and ihai he has succeeded in rendering the work ' a saiisfactory and desirable— if not indis-
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able quantity, and has been submitted to a most careful analysis,
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tity of spirit to prevent their passing into the ace-
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manner in which it is affected ; for a slight irrita-
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In treating of softening, no reference is made to the decrease in
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Judicious bandaging, if not too tight, for the leg might swell during the
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tured wound, and letting the aqueous humour escape. If the vitreous
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