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evidence that the diathesis is sypliilitic. At any rate, we cumiot
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to the faintness. We know that faintness promotes the
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sides ol th* cylinder in which he exerts his skill."
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next to it in point of success is the late Mr Syinc's metiiod of
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duced by them in the secretions into the intestines,
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CHLOROSIS, from ■x\ii>^bi, green ; the disease
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deposit, and give rise to calculous disease, or aug-
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Portugal and Spain, recreated by decades of transition on the
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cicatrix, and was studded here and there with small fibrous out-growths,
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similar to that referred to in Dr Maoewen's lirst case. There was also a
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* Soldiers and sailors in the West Indies arc; frciiueiitly
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carefully peruse the essays which compose tliis w'ork without
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should direct the appropriate treatment ; all ordi-
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effect, fail to inspire confidence and in time fall
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serious results from cold. Standing in water sets up irritation. Of
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for the weakness of its mechanical force, and the filling of
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pulse was distinctly weaker tlian the left. This fact might suggest the
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sooner or later give rise to this form of dropsy —
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transverse striation, granular degeneration, splitting and fibril-
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easily retained should the stomach still retain its
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the siu'faco of the brain ; or, iu other words, that the parietal
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cathartics are administered. Drastic cathartics are
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remove the shoe ; cut down and give exit to the matter. The pincers
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ing in the evening that she had lost her little store
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tion of its ingredients. As both alkalies and acids,
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One cannot but realize that these medical schools are built on
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Avealth, he in the Infirmary received a constitutional shock
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ing' with diseased tissues, wbich Cbauvcau lias observed, .ipplies ,-ilso to other
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the lung was a glandular hyperplasia, an overgrowth of a
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and there may be extravasation of blood in the sole, somewhat like a