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the bladder is distended, although the sphincter does not

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that there is no real or essential distinction to be

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V. — Cough, very paroxysmal in character, and having a

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succinct essay extant on the subject, is quite characteristic of the

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diphtheria. With regard to the latter disease, he was astonished at Dr

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belly. In most cases it is relieved by pressure, so

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of the intestines : bleeding, therefore, by allaying

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fluid. A bad smell was by no means a necessary indication of putrefaction.

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is very much affected, which is, perhaps, more perceptible at the nostrils

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directly irritate the lung endothelium, and so give origin to

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no means the only writer on the subject, at the pi'esent day, who

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vascular structures, such as the web of a frog's foot. If this is put under

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colours — black, blue and red beuig particularly mentioned.

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it is difficult to form a reasonable conjecture. The

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fore formerly made relative to the class of invalids

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tionable, on account of the large proportion of oil

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