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The effect of this process is therefore to diminish

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An animal long and weak below the knee, or standing unnaturally back

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sympathy of this influential attache who is so near to the

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separate in the larger pulmonary arteries and veins

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period. Those who have menstruated early, who have married,

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(1 Plate). VI. On the formation of tubercle, by C. Ileitzmann.

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having existed. In this light the name of spasm of the (jloftis,

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having been seldom investigated, at least in the stage of in-

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of the urinary organs in particular ; and should it

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a small ulceration on the centre of the transparent

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measures which tended to lower the vital powers. I am

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oil of the seeds of the croton tiglium. Like castor

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an exanijile of myelitis following fracture of tlie bodies of some

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mation of these parts, the same changes take place, to a certain '

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Dr. Mayo and I had found in South America some of the best

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moting that recovery — in enabling these joints so to recover. Both diseased

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Anasarca may come in connection with the limb, due to an accumu-

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visible effect in the eye. It is paralysis of the optic nerve and its

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(3) The second experiment was repeated, but the mix-

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inflammatory action. As the symptoms were not urgent he advised delay ;

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requires some time for the healthy growth to take place.

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normal, except anteriorly, there it was very concave. Over

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still open, symptoms of hemiplegia supervened, we naturally associated the

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Once the disease is established, the exciting causes of indi-

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pent voir fimage reelle ot renversee de YceW myope et I'image

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tration of the fact, that cerebral symptoms, resem-

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cludes, from an extensive series of observations, that they

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room in a quantity fitted to give cause for alarm. It is

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* Ex traditi? mihi icgris iionniill'is vidi quasi inox

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doubts whether lie could learn a trade, as he was stupid;

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with ophthalmia, or it may become irritated without this. This inter-

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Inflaniiuation, or Sprain of the Hock.— Perhaps there are well

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chimney of the apartment The tube from a small port-

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with this materia] of the organs of man and animals, and

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groin; prick in the foot; debilitated condition of the blood; excess of

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11. J. M., aged 57. Fell 30 feet on to some chains. Ad-

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left auricle and ventricle, these cavities are urged

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are puffy tumours, situated at the back part of the fetlock joint. ]

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vellously arranged and excellently equipped institute for re-

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a circular swelling, red at the surface, between the intercostal spaces.

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said that they are in the remotest degree peculiar to

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scribed it largely, gives us some instructions with

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the large and important classes of febrile and acute

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detail of the cxj)eriments an analysis of them. The

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Plaza des Armes, Parque Cousifio, Avenida de las Delicias,

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lung substance as well. And if an animal recovers, it will not be

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nately persisted in, or, after a certain interval of

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tion could be detected. On slicing across the right hemisphere, above the

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swellings of the same kind in different individuals.

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liquid vehicle whatever it may be, is the best form

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a mercurial plaster, Indian varnish, valerian root,

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TiiK following notes of a case of poisoning with oil of

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lameness is great if suppuration has taken place. He knuckles at the

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the propriety, in circumstances of urgency, of operating. But there was

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I :uid knowledge must be fitly paid ; and now wo often

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