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congestion passes oft' exudation takes place, followed by the discharge,

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been shown to be so potent as determining the greater

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of the manner in which, through the action of the ribs, the cavity of the

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in relation to the subject. Even tliose who are familiar with

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low down ; you may detect slight swelling and heat in this region ; trot-

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right front below the third rib, at the right lateral region,

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cinnabar, etc.), we produce over the peritoneum a diffuse

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Salivary Calculi. — Any gland that has a well-marked duct may

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cuboid ligament, or, some say to irritation of the sheath of the tendon ;

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and easily digestible ; and, as the stomach is pre-

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common example is that known as epizootic, catarrhal fever and influ-

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* We are told that Galen, in the decline of life, suffer-

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As regards Diseases of the Abdomen, it may without any impropriety be men-

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ficial effect in general, and not always with safetj'.

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stage is that of collapse ; being marked by loss of


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ently, as whisky affects men. If you meet with such cases, give good

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are some ])arts of the brain, injury of which is followed by an

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cause of the aberration, both as regards the system

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is distributed may be the last aflected with convul-

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creased. Of 100 cases of tubercle treated in this manner, Bogoialewski

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bute it, and there will be hydrothorax. There may be fluid in only one

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into nitrates, and nitrate of soda was seen to crys-

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seldom fail to facilitate expectoration and relieve

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into the nostrils. As a general thing no purgative is required. It may

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poultice, etc You may tind a fungus growth, from puncture or

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potash in larger doses than in the horse; get the bowels to work, by giving

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scientific progress outside of the boundaries of their own

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quiry into the recent epidemic of Relapsing Fever in this

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attacked ; at Earsden Colliery, for example, thirty-

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VI. — Hoarseness, which at one time amounted to complete

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