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inch higher up — not very large, and generally associated with caries. If

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had seen a case in which a young man had fallen on a broken bottle, which

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of the other affections incidentally alluded to was perfectly in keeping.

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It was referred with the previous tumour to a committee for report.

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pair of nerves sjiread on the cardiac portion of the

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that in this vohmio he will fiiul a pretty sure basis upon

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a considerable notion of his argument, although we could not

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found on the velum interpositum. In Chatto's case also, a

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He had seen genuine diphtheria in the winter of 1834-35, soon after the

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peculiar to (ilasgow. Rut it was easy to prove that this was not the case.

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Dr George Buchanan showed a young lad whose leg had been amputated

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with the ordinary applications ; got better, but afterwards died from

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there is considerable heat of skin, with a full and

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to such an extent that on April 29th, 244 ounces of clear

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upon certain parts will do, just about the head, neck, tail, etc. Use

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surface of the pleura. As the probe entered the cavity it

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Tiie drawings composing this yVtlas ai'e finished in the highest

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The trutlis involved in the consideration of the prevention of

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a starch bandage, for great swelling will take place, and may produce

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necessary to depart from it, or to modify its appli-

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such as the above, could be further recorded. A former surgeon

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&c. And here also, perhaps, ought to be classed

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some cases is of benefit, but it must be done in the early stage of

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the bulk of hysterical cases, but there were others in which such an etiology

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it ouglit to be performed, whether as a curative or

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On making a physical examination of his chest, I found all

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