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possession of a vigorous constitution, or, at leas',

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this we understand death, or mortification of a bone, the result of

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Surgical Papers, &c. &c., 1 vol. imp. Svo., pl'ts.

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various causes— from influenza in the spring and fall, due to a rheumatic

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A large quantity of clotted blood, pus, and serunr Avas

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of inflammation. The eyes, however, we're still sensitive to light or irrita-

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Third, Motoires Oculorum, is a motor nerve ; it gives a part to each

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was relieved by the passage of a catheter daily, until the

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truth of the old so.ying, that "as the old cock crows the

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and in the course of a day the early stage of parotitis became

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fessed that in investigations of this sort, we fall

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Thereza Hill, and on to S5o Silvestre, a terminal on the Corco-

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arterial blood through the system. This blood is the fluid of the body ;

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Vogel seven out of fifteen. Bouchut says one-third die as-

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and its effects are chiefly discernible in the consti-

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medicine, the discharge will return in a few hours.

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occasionally to cleanse the surfiice by an emollient

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Symptoms. — Violent spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the

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mucous membranes are much alike. The skin protects the flesh from

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cines, camphor, a;ther, ammonia, assafcetida, &c. ;

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such as iron, and if one does not benefit, try some other ; but I think

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