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mense import of teething ; but I am now more than slightly
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medical attendant of the reformatory, who, knowing the ex-
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II. Cancer of Bone {Cccckcrelli). — This is a small, but not
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slight degree accelerates a fatal termination. Under
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another, but there is no particular time at which it is likely to recur.
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days beforehand, or two or three days' physicing, which irritates the
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the gentlemen voting advised that women should be jiermitted to take
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hand or stethoscope ; in others it is imperceptible
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done. Tie up one fore leg, and attempt to move him, and you can
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visible ; it is for this reason that these are to be
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place, and defeats its former beneficial influence;
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in one paroxysm tlie left side was first convulsed, and then the
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In One large Octavo Volume ofover Six Hundred and Fifty double columned pages.
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productions do not exist in early infancy, or in the
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may also be interfered with in atrophy or shrinking of the brain
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showed slight duluess over the capnt cajcum coli. The
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only come on nine days before admission. She imagined her
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attachment to corpus striatum, but bounding on the insido
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abound, as the ears, axillx, groins, upper and inner
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the wishes of the relatives. I have not yet found in any case
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cretions, and consequently all the excretions, must
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horses pulling heavy loads, especially if they have high-toed shoes. It is
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other instantly, or within so short a space that the
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diseased tooth ; the animal may continue in pretty good spirits, and may
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numbness (localized in some, but varying in its site in others),
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possible ; just as it is necessary to brace tightly
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higher, we need not extend the scale in this direc-
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weather, etc., before the crack makes its appearance. I think there is
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sweat, as for instance, yellow or blue. The author gives
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of the intestinal canal, and generally containing a
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danger of inducing severe mercurial stomatitis. —
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marked that the confinement i.i generally ereater in