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increased quantity of fluid is secreted by the intes-

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from the connective tissue, the epithelium being surrounded by tlie colloid

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morbid condition of the different intestinal secre-

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tinued, and there was no other cause to which it could be

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specificcharacter of acnejuiirtc^fl/a,- but for which

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witli a few strokes of the knife, and enucleated like a lipoma.

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called ranula — not very common -in the horse. But treated by

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pears to be correctly ascertained that organic stric-

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more careful supervision of tlio text ; such glaring mis-

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severest of the acute diseases from which medical care effects frequent recovery,

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muscular substance by a needle introduced into it. He finds

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auricles of the heart, although in contact with the

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the tongue, its own natural history in each disorder ; and it

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wrote to his mother as follows : — " My God, what I have

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the other hand, spasms of an irregular description,

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have not reached u«, is at once taken and laid before our readers; besides much AMERICAN INTELLI-

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occurs that the pulse at the wrist cannot be felt if

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other less pernicious stimulant being, if possible,

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ship and Public Instruction, War and Marine, Foreign

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&c. After this he became very irritable, so much so that

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of literary search, green tea will act as a salutary re-

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this question, however interesting in itself, would

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The veil and the fan will always be emblematic of one sex, the laurel and

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silver, connected like the links of a chain, or short

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which follows an injury of an artery, as by a ligature,

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anterior parts of the hemispheres. They are gradually de-

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ing the peristaltic action of the intestinal canal,

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bone — a provisional callus — which tends to keep the ends of the bones

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time he has been in Rio de Janeiro he has become very pro-

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and strong and vibrating in the left hypochondrium,