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broken wind ; the suppressed cough, in which the animal tries to


often see in epidemic seasons, fever, not traceable

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in an adult of previously good health, of temperate habits,

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of crude quicksilver in doses of one or two pounds.

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cells are plugged up to a certain extent, and this may lead to hepatiza-

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features of its history which you must bear in mind.

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forms an essay on diabetes comj)letc iii itself, and that it is,

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amount of organic matter ; decomposition acting upon and affecting the

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similar, and consisted of a sclerotic inllannnation, characterised

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therefore dwell on this point beyond making a few observations

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t Virchow. Die Cellularpathologio. -Ith Ed. 1871. V. .l.'iO et seq.

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the important practical bearing of this observation,

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lar tissue. The muscles are less red than natural. |

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the lotions mentioned are of benefit ; allow a moderate amount of

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thrown into the habit after the tapping, and whilst

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any treatment. Keunion takes place more quickly in young animals.

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place, it is best to destroy the animal, unless it is a brood mare or

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of horn — a blister around the coronet stimulates the growth — and

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very common among the horses of this country, and is of a specific

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vesicles is in the first instance quite clear, but it soon becomes

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summarised" as follows : — 1. The spinal cord presented a well-

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a liniment containing belladonna, tried, especially

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show that on the one hand the presence of dead matter renders tlio

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interest. There was a time when the , choice of brilliant

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these lesions is entitled to be considered as exclu-

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lieves that it is only in acute cases, where the pigment is

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It is likely to be followed by caries or necrosis, generally caries. A

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that safety is to be found only in the early admin-

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nutrition to the parts, and the antiphlogistic treatment was recommended.

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apparent remedy for such a state of matters was to Hush the pipes, and he

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short time there will be well marked symptoms. The cough is easily excited

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branch of study, which enjoys but a small share of popularity in this country, has

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merely leaves no apparent alteration of structure jiasf morfrm ?