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ti'iiiiii, whicli was increased after food. Had idways a bad taste in
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disease there may bo little gusts of excitement, but wiien fully
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in the form of crystals, like red sand, in the urine.
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connective tissue of the gland is variably affected. It forms the
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Fourth Meetikg, 4th December, 1874.— Mr John Reid, Vice-President,
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micturition, and the ]>rL'ssure in tlie rectum will j)nHluce uneasi-
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the part ; this will take place on mere hydrostatic
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f\UR object in visiting Brazil, primarily, was to meet the
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while in some mammals it does so to a very considerable
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corpuscles adherent, and on the otlier that the altered wall of the vessel,
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found miliary abscesses with fungi in them, lie has met with
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knowledge of these departments of the sulijcct tends
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under his care. The patient was a clergyman, whose children liad been for some
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ried on on mule back or in carts. In the river districts, in boats.
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sputum, cougli, and right basic crepitation, but no pain in
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kay koh-sahs in-tay-ray-sdhn-tays dh'ee ehn ehs-teh see-oo-dahd
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excite is of very various degrees of intensity, and
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swelling very quickly is symptomatic of purpura. Exudation takes place,
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that disease is not a mere cynanche, or (juinsy. It
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would be justifiable in practice to extend these inferences,
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cells are plugged up to a certain extent, and this may lead to hepatiza-