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from antiquity, in the language of the people as ; their increasing violence that the dispirited patient

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tion, and experienced great relief for about three weeks thereafter ; the

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days there is active inflammation, and the nature of the disease alters,

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years old, and the animal suffers more or less during that time. The

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of relieving llie inilalion of teething, and, therefore, not to

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symptoms. Perhaps, after the animal is released, he cannot raise

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by the formation of a homogeneous firm connective tissue and

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an exudation of liquor sanguinis, but when there is an exudation of

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especially those visible in the conjunctiva or scle-

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dressed, the wouiul was exposed and appeared to be healed

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jilain the causation of the growth, any more than he attempts to

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is pel verted, and the secretion of saliva altered.

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the features, causing, for instance, slight evanes-

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held out to him, that he only desired to be allowed

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plies the place of the more extensible cellular coat

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the muscles cannot assimilate material for their growth ; they waste or

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effects are a faltering of the pulse, laborious breath-

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destructive disorganization, and, therefore, gradual

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Recent pericarditis ; hypertrophy of left ventricle of heart ;

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It may, indeed, satisfy the patient that his case has

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preventible or not ? I believe that, to a large extent at least, it

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a relation to sleep and to the dreaming state which

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under Spanish domain until 1806, when it was occupied by

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tion of the sebaceous matter in the follicles of the

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