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examine by daylight, and it may be necessary to use an artificial light.

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Dr. Aloysio de Castro, the Director of the Faculty, and under

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Secondary or induced — Exostosis, Ocntinc excrescence.

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You are very apt to suppose from this that the tumour is

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Causes. — I believe it is hereditary, and comes by breeding from weak,

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to the period of stay in the bath, — in other words,

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the fall of the year is the best time to treat, for cold has a good effect.

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29. Mail Time: To Montevideo direct, 25 days from New York.

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dribbling of urine. In doubtful cases the use of the catheter

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4. Principal Bodies of Water: Lake Titicaca, 5,187 square

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obliging the patient to stand still for a short time,

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applications, in which the current was much more acutely felt in the