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always recommend the animal's destruction. It is extremely decep-

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of the scapula in birds. I shew you here the scapula of a

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He had seen genuine diphtheria in the winter of 1834-35, soon after the

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time after death, and putrefaction has already com-

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last the sac was opened and both artery and vein tied. During

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not, get the history of the case. Notice whether the hair is falling off

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perience in regard to their treatment, derived from more than a quarter of a century's devotion to the subject,

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I could get at you, I would throw you over the window."

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solution (1-200), the endothelial cells covering the dots, or let us

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by Oswaldo Cruz, who was the pioneer in cleaning up Rio de

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tcmpoi'ary relief from syringing, tlie patient remained much

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appear inside of the joint. It is produced by striking ; it may come gra-

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blueness round the moutli and under the eyes. The infant

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Dr Knox showed the braiu of a horse from a case of amaurosis affecting

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consists in the return of the action of the vascular

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quick, unless there is suppuration ; and if he is to work, apply a shoe

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(3.) That on a consideration of the history of Miller's lile,

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With hydrothorax there are shreds of lymph, or yellow clots of fibres,

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trates the destructive effect of this diseased action,

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tain description of cases, those attended with vio-

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pheasant, chicken, &c. he considers as constituting

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as it is the one from which blood is generally drawn ; but it may occur

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to such an extent as to make it difficult to tell the

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ing of the blood-vessels in other parts of the brain ;

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" In the short space of two years, a second edition of Dr. Diinglison's Treatise on Special Pathology and

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orbital processes. Fracture may occur in connection with these parts, or

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fected with tetanic convulsions for two days before

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tion of them, that it is scarcely possible to do jus-